Gale Hospital & Rehab: a panfandom pandemonium RP
16th-Oct-2011 03:20 pm
boredcertified: (LOL)

Now everyone, if we could all just stop writing 'Redrum' on the doors and wringing our hands in glee, I'd like to have your attention.

No, not your affection, nymphomaniacs, just your attention.

Since this hospital is run by the sort who like pretending that talking about yourselves isn't just going to start up more problems (namely, my boredom and your lost time), please fill out this form once you've set up your journals, so the doctors here can review it.


OOC: Please fill out the application below to apply for membership! Don't be too worried about not being allowed in; we have a certain idea of the literacy level we want, which has been explained in the rules already. But beyond that, this application is mostly just to see what your character's all about and to get some basic info.

Once you've been approved by a comment from a mod, please join the community and add all the other members. Also, copying your character's problems/bio (especially if they're a patient) into their 'profile info' is helpful to other RPers who want to treat/interact with your character. :)


29th-Oct-2011 06:22 pm (UTC)
bogeyman: (thoughtful)
Your name/nickname: Krissy
AIM/email/Skype/something to RP with you with: maskingCrows [AIM], Deeternought [Skype], apple.eloquenceATgmailDOTcom
Character's name: Jonathan Crane
Age of character/birthday: Thirty-two years, October 7th
Picture of character:
Any specialties/preferences on what sort of patients your doctor treats?: Those with panic disorders, intense fears, and those needing to be examined prior to being prescribed drugs.
Live-in doctor or not? (this status can be changed later): Live-in doctor.
Backstory/anything else we should know: Recently having come from New York in order to pursue experience in clinical therapy, Crane's arrived with a lot of baggage and desires, drives and motives; he's been aching to research the effects of some projects he's been handling, and he might just show a willing patient his mask to get the ball rolling.
14th-May-2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
tickety_boo: (Default)
Right! This game looks interesting and I have QUESTIONS.

1. Are OCs allowed?
2. Must we have Skype? I have seen a few other RPs that require it, and I've not the ability to do so.
3. That said, is there any comm/journal RP at all, or is it all over AIM and whatnot? I rp a great deal at work, and AIM would be a difficulty.

Thanks :)
14th-May-2012 09:40 pm (UTC) - Mod here!
boredcertified: (House Greg House)
1. Yes, they are, as are real people and basically anything you could think to apply as!
2+3. Up until recently, Skype/email were the sole meothds for RPing here, but I'm actually going to be adding a Log community for players to use instead/in addition to that. I've noticed a lot of other RP comms seem to use logs to RP via comment threads, so I thought that changing the format here might entice more members (as this comm is fairly slow-moving as of late).

So...RPing WILL be done in a log-format over at a different comm, and actually that comm should be all set up by the time you apply, if you choose to. :) Thank you for commenting with your questions, and feel free to ask any others you have!
14th-May-2012 09:43 pm (UTC) - (this is tickety_boo, too lazy to log out of an rp account)
sixguns: (Default)
Cool, cool, cool. I'll check back and see what's up when you've got everything else set up.

Thanks for your answers! :)
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